Bags o’ Gold
North Yarmouth, Maine

Ginny Gold

Bags o’ Gold are made - one at a time - from a carefully chosen selection of fabrics -- typically sturdy remnants searched out from hither and yon by Ginny in her spare time.

The rest of her time is spent as a self-employed renovation contractor, doing a wide variety of painting and wallpapering projects -  called upon by decorators, museums and galleries, as well as homeowners for her expertise and reputation of 33 years, along with the cabinet-building and remodeling mastery of her husband.

Sewing has a lot in common with decorating.  All require a very tight focus on detail and precision. In addition to handbags, Ginny produces a line of aprons in varying styles for children, men and women, and also sets of cloth napkins.

Whichever bag or apron you select, it will hopefully be a unique, long-lasting, fun and functional pleasure to you.

The Chef’s Cupboard
Auburn, Maine

Jon Staples

Jon Staples and The Chef’s Cupboard is celebrating their 2nd year in business.  Working out of his home kitchen in Auburn, Maine, he is blending new and exciting spices to share with you.  Their mission is to use high quality ingredients, try their best to offer competitive pricing, and to share their excitement in exploring and discovering the best tasting meals.  They look forward to chatting with each customer and to find the right spice to help them "spice up their life"!

The Farmers 8 Daughters
New Glouster, Maine

Nancy DiMauro

Nancy DiMauro is known as the Farmers8Daughters. When asked about this unusual name, Nancy said that it refers to the 8 girls in her family.

Nancy - the mom -  is actively involved in running their 42-acre farm in New Gloucester. Their farm stand and CSA is also in New Gloucester on Tobey Road. Dad Dick is in charge of tilling the soil. They started farming 30 years ago.

Like in many farm families, the other girls. Kim, Dawn, Gina, Nicole, Megan and Tia help out whenever they are home.

Nancy told us that the main farm includes a half-acre for vegetables, which she brings to market, of course.

This family must love fruit, as they grow a huge variety including apples, pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, pawpaws, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

The free range chickens provide the eggs that Robin, the family baker, uses to bake a wide assortment of delicious treats! Traditional whoopie pies, cinnamon  rolls, cupcakes and scones are some of her specialties but she will make just about  anything you want.

Nancy also creates an excellent selection of carefully formulated personal care products. The soaps are amazing!

Jillson’s Farm & Sugarhouse
Sabattus, Maine

Scott Jillson
207-375-4486 or 207-577-0678

Visit Scott Jillson at Market and you will marvel at the amazing diversity of top-quality food he and his family produce at their Farm and Sugarhouse in Sabattus!

Jillson Farm grows an incredible variety of food including fresh fruit and berries.They take special orders for chickens and turkeys and naturally, offer a Community Supported Farm Share program.

In addition to the incredibly fresh produce he brings to market weekly, Scott also brings the jams and jellies, pickles and relishes, honey, maple syrup (and of course maple candies!) produced by his family.

The old-fashioned recipes come from his mother, Pat, we are told. The canning and preserving is done on site in their commercial kitchen on the farm. 

And then there is the Maple-flavored Kettle Popcorn! Super crunchy and a bit sweet. Delicious! But dangerously addictive. The same people line up week after week.

In spring, Scott offers well-grown, healthy flower and vegetable seedlings, as well as hanging baskets from Proven Winners. Later, those plants become the fresh flowers he uses to create beautiful fresh arrangements and bouquets.


SPüN Bakery
Freeport, Maine 04032

Don Gaile, Chief Baking Officer

SPüN is a bakery that create delicious baked goods, savory prepared foods and made-to-order cakes, pies and cupcakes; all heirloom-minded small batched creations that are sources with the best ingredients. They partner with local farms & providers for the freshest items that Maine can offer.  They can customize any cake, cupcake or pie to order. They believe every bite should be delicious.

Valley View Farm
Auburn, Maine

Kathy Shaw

Kathy and her husband Joe Gray, run Valley View Farm, their 100 acre farm in Auburn. Using organic practices, they grow an enormous variety of healthy food. 

Often Kathy and Joe bring animals to Market for kids (young & old) to see and pet and/or hold.

They participate in the Senior Farm Share Program, WIC and SNAP. They offer a CSA membership. Special orders are always welcomed.

Winslow Farm
West Falmouth, Maine

Max Boudreau

Winslow Farm, located on the Gray Road in West Falmouth, is a family-owned farm that joins us this season.

They bring to Market a wide selection of vegetables, annuals, perennials, cut flowers and fruit. Choose from a great selection of culinary and medicinal herbs.

Their stated mission?  "We work to provide colorful and nutritious food, flowers, and herbs to our community. We work to contribute to the health and well-being of our locality, evolving and learning with natural farming and permaculture techniques.  It is our intention to share—to be a gathering place for people to learn and inspire positive ideas for the benefit of the environment and humankind."

Winslow Farm aims to be a hub of agricultural activity that the public can actively participate in.  They expect to provide various services including offering workshops on various agrarian topics, sponsoring community meals and events, as well as demonstrating natural farming and permaculture techniques. They have planned a calendar of events for the upcoming season with farm activities that will be open to the public, as well as the workshops and classes. They are certified organic.


Stillbrook Acres
309 Mayall Road, Gray Maine 04039

Heather Phinney

Stillbrook Acres raises grass-fed Pinzguar beef and includes a small dairy operation with the fantastic Guernsey cow that produce the golden Guernsey milk. All of their cows are tested and have the A2/A2 milk gene. They bring to market fresh delicious cheeses, goat cheeses, plain and flavored yogurts, beef, chicken, veal, goat and lamb meats as well as free range chicken and duck eggs. All of their products are grass-fed and hormone and antibiotic free. They also sell firewood and produce cheddar cheese in the winter.


Café Crepe
20 Bow Street
Freeport, Maine 04032

Lauren Brinkmann

Café Crêpe serves made to order sweet and savory crêpes. Owned and operated by Lauren Brinkmann, the company began in 2010 in Breckenridge Colorado. Lauren is thrilled to have brought her business back to her home state. Lauren will be bringing her mobile food trailer to the Falmouth markets each week. You can enjoy crêpes made to order everyday at her storefront in Freeport.

Cranberry Rock Farm
427 Mount Pisgah Road
Winthrop, Maine 04364

Ron DiGravio & Cindy Townsend

Cranberry Rock Farm, owned and operated by Ron DiGravio and Cindy Townsend, is located in Winthrop, Maine. The property is part of the historic homestead of Ezekiel Holmes, the first professor of agriculture in the country as well as Maine’s first Secretary of Agriculture. They bought the property in 2012 and started with a few chickens and a small kitchen garden. Since then, they have added a new barn, about an acre of vegetable beds and a couple hundred chickens, turkeys, and pigs. They have also cleared woods to restore four acres of pasture.

Cranberry Rock Farm uses organic and holistic management practices on their farm with the aim of creating a self-sustaining system that feeds the soil and heals the landscape. By choosing heritage breeds and heirloom varieties, they are trying to do their part to swim against the current of monoculture and confinement animal operations. They hope to contribute to the diversity and quality of Maine’s regional food economy. 

Cranberry Rock Farm’s enterprises include a wide variety of heirloom vegetables, pasture-raised chicken and pork, pasture-raised heritage breed turkeys (available for pre-order for Thanksgiving), eggs, cut flowers, and baked goods. This year, they will add pasture-raised duck and duck eggs to our list of products. In addition to the farmers’ market, they operate a farm stand in their 200-year-old barn and offer two seasonal CSA subscription options.

Fresh Pickins Farms
Limington, Maine

Vicki Marion

Fresh Pickins Farm is all about putting the environment at the forefront of what we do. We are proud to be true Mainers and passionate about farming.  FPF is excited to contribute unique products and great energy to the customer. All of our techniques and products are aimed at utilizing and promoting sustainability.  We are passionate about agriculture and strive to find ways to do things a bit different.  We promote organic farming practices and work in harmony with nature, not against it.  The mission of FPF is to deliver, high quality, sustainable products to the public and keep Mother Nature happy!

Our farm in Limington, Maine consists of 225 acres with 15 tillable acres under crop rotation.  We have been farming this land for 6 years.  All of our flowers are grown here, and most of our products are produced in Windham, Maine.  

Our apiary is located in Limington and Windham.  Tending our own beens allows us to bring local raw honey to the farmers market.  We render our bees wax as well to create the base for our lip balms, salves and sun screen.  Some of our other products include a natural bug repellent; chaga tea and tincture. 

Maine Saltwater Creations

Laura “Filly” Fillinger

Good Home Cooking from the Land and from the Sea!

We make Crab Cakes, Scallop Cakes, Haddock Fish Cakes, Salmon Cakes and Fish Sticks for Kids. Our cakes are easy to thaw and easy to cook. Perfect as an appetizer or an incredible main entree. We also make Haddock Casseroles, Shepherds Pies, Soups, Chowder and Bisque. We use all fresh ingredients and home made stocks for all our soups. We also will have some fresh haddock when available. A member of the Cumberland Farmers' Market since 2011.

Spring Brook Farm & Market
Yarmouth, Maine
Jeff Storey

Deep commitment to high quality, healthy food has prevailed at Spring Brook Farm and Market for 6 generations. More than 200 years of all-natural farming principles and practices have created acres of hearty, beautiful farmland in Cumberland that yields healthy veggies and meat for your family. 

Greg and Kay Fowler, who own the 168 Greely Road property, continue to live in their house, but Jeff Storey has been operating the farm and store since 2015. Storey, who worked at Spring Brook Farm as a teenager three decades ago, is committed to expanding the farm while maintaining the natural beauty of the land.

Spring Brook Farm & Market offers 100% grass-fed beef (much higher in the prized Omega 3’s than grain fed), humanely raised pork and cage-free poultry, as well as vegetables and fruits in season. They do not use hormones, pesticides, antibiotics or commercial fertilizers. 

It is a 4-season farm, offering turkeys, Christmas trees, hay, wood, organic compost and snowplowing. 

Tir na nOg Farm
44 Leighton Road, Pownal Maine 04069

Holly Morrison

Per Holly Morrison, one of the caregivers of this old New England farm, “Tir na nOg puts the "culture" back in agriculture, as we follow the rhythms of the Celtic year.” Since the 1980’s, the restoration of this old farm has been the life’s work of Sue Mack and now, Holly, who joined the effort in the early ‘90’s.

Tir na nOg prides itself for the Celtic flavors that permeate the farm. The pigs, it is said, understand Gaelic. Their Highland Cattle are treated to bagpipe serenades, courtesy of Sue.

They conserve rare heritage-breed livestock and celebrate the delicious diversity of heirloom-variety vegetables and herbs. They offer poetry alongside their produce.

To accomplish this, they have incorporated a unique blend of innovation & pre-industrial methods to minimize their carbon footprint, improve the soil and heal the land. The woodlands of the farm are maintained as wildlife habitat.
In addition to their meats, eggs and vegetables, Tir na Nog offers shoppers a special treat. Seasonally, they sustainably forage such forest treasures as fiddleheads and wild gourmet mushrooms.  At Market, these are coveted by amateur cooks and professional chefs alike!
And for those not fluent in Irish culture – Tir na Nog is Old Irish for Land of the Young.

It is said that it is a type of earthly paradise populated by supernatural beings. Come to Market and meet one.

Brunswick, Maine

Kelley Hughes

Kelley Hughes took a roundabout path to becoming the fantastic baker/chef she is today. It now seems a destined path.

First helping others as a teacher and as a social worker, Kelley began helping herself after being prescribed a gluten-free diet in 2006.  She quickly discovered there weren’t many bakeries producing gluten-free options. There weren't too many recipes around, either.

The gluten-free landscape was fairly barren in those days. So what’s a girl to do? She learned to do it herself.

Coming from a family in which her mom was a fantastic cook, she was destined to follow this path. She began baking, experimenting, tasting, and baking some more. Soon, people, with similar diets, were coming from far and wide to her small shop in Brunswick. They found her producing delicious cupcakes, brownies, macaroons, scones, donuts and cookies, of course.

For the savory palate, mushroom quiche and tasty sun-dried tomato/garlic rolls tempted.   At the same time, she began coming to Market bringing this bounty. Experiments always end up on her table - for a short time, until customers rush them home (or maybe just the car).

The great-tasting food Kelley produces has resulted in faithful customers who have made Wildflours the success it is today.

And many aren’t gluten-intolerant. They just like good food. 


Alchimia LLC
Freeport, Maine 04032

Giampy & Monica Bonacini

Alchimia provides an authentic and healthy Italian experience. Our products are made with 100% organic ingredient from Maine farms. Alchimia produces high quality artisan food for discerning gourmets to enjoy at home. Let our love and passion nourish you! Alchimia was born out of our desire to share delicious dishes prepared by the many generations of our family from Modena in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. Modena is an ancient town, known for its food products like fresh pasta, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese and for its automotive industries like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.