New Vendor Spotlight - Island Mushroom Company

Welcome to our newest vendor, Island Mushroom Company.

Located in Westport Island, Lisa Jonassen and Lou DiSalvo bring an assortment of cultivated fresh mushrooms to the market on a weekly basis. Varieties include oyster, king trumpet, shiitake, chestnut, lion’s mane and pioppino. They also offer dried mushrooms, medicinal mushroom tinctures and mushroom powder for seasoning and mushroom crumbles.

Both Lisa and Lou are looking forward to meeting all the new customers and sharing their knowledge and love of mushrooms. The health benefits are quite impressive and helping people incorporate mushrooms into their weekly diet is something they both look forward to facilitating.

Lous and Lisa have always had a keen interest in mushrooms and they have previously worked with both wild and cultivated varieties as a hobby for many years. When they decided to take their hobby to the next level they went looking in the best area. They both agreed that Maine was the best state because, besides its natural beauty, the people are friendly, hard working and there is a great entrepreneurial spirit there. The popularity and availability of gourmet mushrooms is growing and they are excited about that. As their business grows they hope to be able to offer more varieties of mushrooms and evolve their mushroom product line.

Island Mushroom Company grows their mushrooms in a controlled indoor environment producing gourmet mushrooms from culture to spawn (seed to fruit). They do not use any chemicals, additives or pesticides. Their dried mushrooms and mushroom powder are the same fresh mushrooms dehydrated and, in the case of the powder, ground to a fine consistency. The mushroom powder comes either pre-seasoned or plain so you can season it to your liking. The powders are a great way to get more mushrooms in your diet! The mushroom crumbles are pre-cooked mushroom bits. Once rehydrated, these crumbles become a great and convenient way to add mushrooms to burgers, meatloaf and even veggie burgers!