New Vendor Spotlight - Stewart and Reid

Our 2019 farmers market season is fast approaching beginning May 11th in Cumberland and May 15th in Falmouth. We want to welcome Jeff Stewart and team from Stewart & Reid located in Greene, Maine to the summer market.

Stewart & Reid’s main focus is gluten-free pastry. They also bake gluten-free Levain bagels, other artisan breads and an array of low-carb breads and sweets.

Jeff is most looking forward to providing top shelf gluten-free products to a new collection of customers this season. You may have previously seen him in Falmouth at the 2018 Winter Market in the greenhouse at Allen, Sterling & Lothrop. He enjoys the farmers market environment and all the supportive people.

After culinary school Jeff found himself baking for an amazing (and patient) chef who opened his eyes to the importance of doing things his way. Like most people, he’d heard the distaste people had for gluten-free products, so he set out to change that reputation. After some recipe testing, he is proud of his progress to improve the quality of gluten-free baked goods.  

Jeff’s short-term and long-term goals are the same. He wants to continue to create gluten-free recipes that are enjoyable for all baked goods lovers. At this point, he’s not looking to open a brick and mortar store as that would change his life completely. But he has an open mind and will keep all possibilities on the table. 

Jeff has spent, and continues to spend, a lot of time in the kitchen, working on his product line. He’s adjusted his gluten-free flour blends many times in an attempt to create the best results. Being a lover of French pastry, he’s really focused on getting his line of gluten-free products as diverse as possible.